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Techniques Used To Extract Water Out Of A Basement

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Finding inches of water on your basement floor is never a good experience. Not only will the water damage your things, but it could also be expensive to have the mess cleaned up. Luckily, there are water damage restoration companies you can hire for help. While the entire job can take time and a lot of effort, a good company will be able to clean up your basement to the point where it looks great again, and here are some of the methods they will use to extract the water and dry out the area.

Open the Windows

One of the first steps the water damage company will recommend is opening the windows. They may tell you to do this before they arrive to begin the cleanup process because this may help remove some of the moisture and humidity that is trapped inside your basement. If you don't have any windows in your basement, you can skip this step.

They may also suggest moving any items that did not get wet, and any important items that are already wet. If possible, move these items to your garage or to another area in your home where they will stay dry and out of the way.

Use a Wet Vacuum

When the company arrives and begins analyzing the problem, they will most likely start the process by using large wet vacuums. These vacuums are usually extremely powerful and can be used to carry the water outside to an area away from your house. Using a powerful device like this is one of the only ways to remove standing water found inside a house.

This step is vital for the cleanup process though because nothing else can be done until the standing water is gone. The longer water remains in your home, the greater the chance that it will:

  • Damage your belongings
  • Cause mold to begin forming
  • Begin destroying the materials your home was built with
  • Spread to other parts of the house

Once this process is complete, the company will move on to the next step.

Run a Dehumidifier

A dehumidifier takes moisture out of the air, which is another vital step in the cleanup process. No matter how hard they try, the water damage company will never be able to remove every drop of moisture from the basement with the wet vacuum. There will still be water on the floors, in the walls, and in the furniture.

Using a dehumidifier will help with this because it will pull the remaining moisture from the room. The tank on the device may need to be emptied periodically, but the water damage company will probably do this for you.

They may also set up fans, which will assist in removing the moisture. Fans help circulate air through a room, and this may help the dehumidifier do its job more effectively and thoroughly.

Restore Damaged Goods

The company you hire will also assist in restoring some of the items you owned. They may not offer restoration services for your furniture or personal belongings, but they might be able to help you salvage your carpet.

If you have carpet in your basement, it will need to be removed if there is padding under it. The padding will have to be replaced, but the carpet may be able to be cleaned and put back in the room. If you do not have padding, the company may still recommend pulling up the carpet to dry the floors underneath.

Cleaning up a wet basement is not the type of job you should tackle yourself. It may be costly to hire a company, but this is the best way to get effective results, which will help you avoid finding mold and mildew in your house. To get help for a wet basement, contact a company, like All American Repair Services Inc., that offers water damage restoration services.