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4 Garage Door Repairs Best Left To Professionals

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You might like to do repair projects around your house by yourself to feel more independent, but many garage door repairs can only be done safety by two or more people.  When you have problems with your garage door, there are a number of repairs that are best left to professionals.

Replacing Springs

Replacing garage door springs on your own is a bad idea for a number of reasons. For one, it requires special equipment to remove the springs and to put them back into place. Secondly, changing springs usually needs to be done when the springs are starting to rust over or crack, which means that the springs are more liable to snap off while you are changing them out, which could result in injury due to the high amount of pressure the springs are under.

Additionally, in order to check all of the springs, you have to have someone hold the garage door slightly ajar so you can see where the spring is placed within the garage door system. You could easily find yourself stuck in a situation you need help with, such as a huge garage door that needs to be elevated while you replace the springs. You might think you could just prop the door open, but this is very dangerous because whatever you use to prop the door up will not adapt to accidental factors when completing the task, such as a dog running in and knocking over your prop.

Installing New Panels

You may want to replace your panels because they are getting old and not doing their job like they were meant too, letting moisture or dust into your garage, or they might be rusted over.  Replacing your panels requires a whole lot of heavy lifting and tedious work. The door panel is attached to both the other panels, as well as the guide track. You will have to remove the panel from both these places, and be able to lift it out of place. If you try this alone, you might end up bending the track due to improper weight distribution of the panel, or damaging the connecting panels. This is a job best left to a couple of professionals who are used to heavy-lifting and dealing with roller tracks.

Replacing Rollers

In order to replace the rollers for your garage door, you have to remove the whole garage door, which is one reason that this task is better left to the professionals. It is clearly impossible for the average man to do this by him or herself because you need one or two people to hold the door while another fixes the cosmetic issues. This is a must; if anyone tries to complete this task themselves they would risk limbs being crushed by the garage door.

Secondly, the rollers need to be installed in a specific location, and they need to be installed straight. Otherwise, you will end up with a crooked garage door or a garage door that fits into rollers on one side, but not on the other. Unless you are adept at taking precise measurements, you should probably leave this job to the professionals.  

Any Electrical Work

There are many ways to hurt yourself when you are dealing with electrical concerns, and it is wise to pay someone to do this job rather then risk your safety to fix a minor inconvenience. If your garage needs a simple replacement, such as a new opener, you might be able to do that yourself. However, if the wiring is damaged, chewed through, or failing, call in a pro. You risk electric shock, blown fuses, and further damaging your garage's electricity if you attempt to fix these issues on your own.

These four tasks should be left for repair technicians that specialize in garages. Many people like to fix their problems with do it yourself pages on the web, but when it comes to these tasks, it is much smarter to go with a professional from a residential garage door service.