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4 Excellent Reasons For Installing Glass Shower Doors

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If the time has come for you to remodel your bathroom, you may be wondering whether you should install glass shower doors or stick with old-fashioned shower curtains. Although both of them do essentially the same job, there are many benefits to selecting glass shower doors rather than going the shower curtain route. Following are just four of the reasons you should seriously consider installing glass doors during your remodeling project.

Glass Shower Doors Are Stylish and Versatile

Face it, looks matter even in the bathroom, and glass shower doors offer a sleek, stylish appearance that shower curtains can't come to close to providing. You can choose to install frameless shower doors for a streamlined look that adds an elegantly understated accent to your bathroom. If you prefer your bathroom decor fancy and frilly, you can choose glass shower doors embossed with designs. For instance, if you've chosen a Victorian theme for your bathroom, glass shower doors with a lovely cabbage rose pattern would pair perfectly with floral wallpaper and other chintzy affects. For a vibrant environment filled with color and light, you can select glass doors in any color or combination of colors -- even stained glass for a glamorous Art Deco look.

Glass Shower Doors Are Easy to Clean

Glass shower doors can be washed clean quickly and easily, and because glass is a nonporous material, it doesn't harbor mold and mildew spores the way that shower curtains do. Hard water buildup will discolor shower doors, making them appear white, but you can easily prevent this using several strategies, including:

  • Spraying on a shower cleaning solution
  • Using a squeegee to remove excess water on the shower doors
  • Using a microfiber towel to dry the shower doors

Following one of these basic procedures after showering will keep your glass shower doors sparkling clean and free of damage caused by hard water. You also have the option of purchasing pretreated glass shower doors designed to repel water from their surface, but you should still take a bit of time after showering to make certain that all excess water droplets are removed. Unlike shower curtains, glass shower doors don't have to be removed and put into the washing machine

Glass Shower Doors Provide Full Enclosure

If you've ever stepped out of your shower only to slip on a puddle of water on your bathroom floor that somehow got past the shower curtain, you'll appreciate the fact that glass shower doors provide full enclosure, eliminating the possibility of water escaping and ending up on the floor. Shower curtains never really completely protect the area outside of the shower from exposure to water, and even if the water doesn't end up in an area where it causes a slip-and-fall hazard, it can end up dampening an out-of-the-way corner to the extent that significant mold and mildew problems develop. Many people also carelessly leave shower curtains outside of the tub when they emerge from the shower, allowing water to drip on the floor.

Glass Shower Doors Are Nontoxic

Unfortunately, many common household items available on today's market contain toxins that pose risks to human health, and shower curtains made from PVC vinyl are among the worst offenders. Vinyl shower curtains contain over 100 chemicals found to be toxic and have been linked to respiratory distress, liver and kidney problems, central nervous system damage, headaches, and nausea. Parents of small children should be particularly vigilant about bringing these types of toxic products into the home because children receive substantially more exposure to these toxins due to their small size. PVC shower curtains also release toxins into the environment that can get into local water supplies.

For more information, talk to your contractor about glass shower doors as an option.