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Two Great Household Projects For Using Custom Cut Glass

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There is an endless number of things you can do with glass around your home. You can use this versatile material in any room, as it will blend seamlessly with other materials you are using within your space. When used right, glass will open a space up by providing more natural light. It can also help unclutter your space by allowing your eye to see through the space versus focusing on the elements within the space. Here are two trending projects that are great ways to incorporate custom cut glass into your space. 

In Your Kitchen

If you are looking for a way to update your kitchen cabinets with minimal efforts, consider incorporating glass into your kitchen cabinet doors. Glass-front cabinets, which are most often used on upper cabinets, provide your kitchen with a pretty, yet practical focal point. They can be illuminated from within to provide an ambiance in your kitchen, serve as a display case for your dishes, or simply provide functional storage throughout your space.

Adding glass fronts to your cabinets may be as simple as popping out the inner recessed wood panels of your cabinets and inserting new glass. If you choose to do this, remember to always purchase tempered glass, which is sometimes called safety glass. Tempered glass is four times stronger than regular glass, and if broken, it will shatter into small pebbles versus sharp shards. This makes it safer for the person who breaks it as well as the person who has to clean it up.

Other styles of cabinets may allow you to keep your base boxes, but may require you to replace the entire cabinet front. This will depend on the style of cabinet you already have as well as the style of glass front cabinet you are looking to install. There are many styles of cabinets to choose from. Some of these are:

  • Glass-front peninsula cabinets
  • Picture-window cabinets
  • Frameless glass-front cabinets
  • Sliding glass
  • Painted glass-front cabinets

​Visit a kitchen design store to get ideas of the various types of cabinetry that would look good in your kitchen.

In Your Bathroom

One of the hottest trends in bathrooms are frameless glass shower doors. Adding frameless glass shower doors will give your bathroom a more updated look as well as make your bathroom appear to be more spacious. In addition to this, glass doors are also mold and mildew resistant, making your bathroom healthier and easier to clean. 

If you need another reason to remodel your bathroom, all you have to do is to look at the return on your investment (ROI), you will get if you ever decide to sell your home. For a bathroom remodel in 2015, the average return on investment (ROI) in the South was in excess of 72%.

Before you install your frameless shower doors, you must first choose the style. You have several to choose from. Some of these are:

  • Bypass doors - are a traditional type of sliding doors. Your glass doors fit on a track and slide back and forth to open and close.
  • Hinged panel doors - operate as would a typical door. They swing in or out depending on your preference and the size of your bathroom.
  • Pivot doors - swing either in or out. Your glass panels will be mounted on a pivot hinge which will allow them to swing approximately 180 degrees. 
  • Bi-fold or Tri-fold doors - are constructed from several glass panels. Although one panel is normally stationary, the other two fold inward on hinges.
  • Steam doors - are tightly constructed glass panels that extend from floor to ceiling. These are usually designed as a hinged door but come with an additional airtight seal, which will allow you to use your shower for water as well as steam.

Even once you choose the style of your doors, you will still have to choose your style of glass. There is a wide variety on the market to choose from. These range from traditional clear glass to various textured patterns. Some of these are:

  • Clear tempered glass
  • Frosted glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Frosted glass
  • Rain or droplet glass
  • Pebble glass
  • Hammered glass

You can find numerous frameless shower door kits to install if you choose to do this remodel project yourself. If you want something really special, however, you can even have your glass custom cut by a business like Sound Glass Sales, Inc. to fit within your space. With such a selection of door and glass styles, you will be able to choose the glass that will work for you and your space.