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How To Remove And Prevent A Mite Infestation From Birds Living In Your Roof And Chimney

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It is important to maintain and repair your home's roof and chimney for aesthetic reasons as well as to help with pest control in your home. When you allow birds to make a home in your roof and chimney they can bring mites with them that can end up in your home. Here are information and tips to help you get rid of birds and their mite infestations in your home and how to prevent further infestations.

How Do You End Up With Roof And Chimney Bird Nests?

Birds build their nests in some of the most random outdoor places, and your home's roof and chimney are two of them. As your home roof ages, the wood, siding, or other material making up the fascia and soffits can become loosened and fall out to leave an opening just the right size for a bird to make a home. Birds can also build a nest inside or on your home's exterior chimney. Once a bird begins to turn the inside of your home's roof overhang or chimney into its own home, they can leave litter and mites around and inside your home.

Why Do Mites Become A Problem?

Birds building nests inside your roof fascia and soffit can become a problem, especially when bird droppings build up. Then, many birds carry mites that live with them in their nest. The mites feed on their bodies and the bodies of their babies. After the bird family leaves the nest, the mites no longer have a food source and can move into your home as they look for a new source of food. 

Some types of birds can carry chiggers, which are a type of mite that are attracted to carbon dioxide from your breath just as fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes are. Once these mites are inside your home, they will follow your exhaled breath to your body while you are asleep at night to feed on your blood. 

Once you have been bitten by a bird mite, your skin at the site of the bite will become severely irritated with a rash and intense itching. Scratching too hard on a rash can cause your skin to become infected. Mites have a short life span of anywhere seven days to three weeks, but they will reproduce and quickly generate a large population.

How Do You Get Rid Of A Mite Infestation?

You can get rid of bird mites and stop any further infestations happening in your roof and in your home. You will first need to remove all the bird nests and block off the birds' access to prevent any future problems. This includes pulling out any enclosed fascia and soffits to find where birds have built nests under the eaves so you can completely clean out the area. Then, block the area off with new fascia and soffits and make sure any entry holes are blocked. You can use a spray foam insulation to fill any small holes around your roof awning materials to prevent birds from finding their way inside. Install wire mesh fabric under your roof to block any spaces around the eave framing where many birds like to build nests.

If your home roof has a chimney, you will also need to prevent your chimney from becoming a home for birds. If a bird has already made a nest in or around your chimney, clean out all the nest debris and block off the area. Install a chimney bird guard made up of wire mesh to prevent birds from making a nest inside your chimney. You can also install ledge spikes along any ledges around your chimney to further prevent nest building activity.

After you have gotten the birds out and blocked off any further nest building, get rid of any mites that have begun to infest your home. Vacuuming your floors frequently can help to eliminate an infestation after you have blocked off the source of the infestation. If this doesn't get rid of the mites completely, you can also call a local pest control professional to spray a pesticide to eliminate the mites. 

Use this information to help you deal with birds in your roof and the mites they can bring. For more help with pest control, consider talking to a professional like those at Antex Exterminating Co Inc.