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8 Useful Any-Occasion Gift Ideas For The Hot Tub Owner

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Are you trying to come up with a useful or unusual gift for that hot tub owner in your life? Well, you're in luck, because there are several neat spa-themed gift ideas that may be appreciated by someone who uses a hot tub regularly. Everything from spa pillows to caddy holders make thoughtful gifts, so why not consider any of the following for your next gift-giving occasion?

1. An Adjustable Spa Pillow

If possible, do some snooping around to be sure the hot tub owner does not have one already. Maybe he or she has a hot tub pillow that is worn and in need of replacement. If so, choose an adjustable spa pillow that will stay in place with fasteners. The strap should fit securely over the rim of the hot tub cabinet. You'll find that hot tub or spa pillows are available in an array of colors.

2. An Easy to Mount Hot Tub Towel Bar

Everyone typically grabs for a towel when stepping out of the hot tub, so why not make it easier to reach? A towel bar makes a very thoughtful gift for any hot tub owner. Look for one that compactly folds flat to the side of the hot tub when not in use. It should be powder-coated to prevent rust. Hardware will be included to install and, in most cases, all that will be needed is a screwdriver.

3. A Hot Tub Caddy Side Tray

This thoughtful gift is perfect for holding snacks, beverages or magazines while relaxing in the hot tub. An aluminum mounted tray should easily swing away from the tub when placing the cover on. Some spa trays have a towel bar attached. Or, if you'd like an alternative to a mounted tray, consider an inflatable floating tray with cup holders.

4. Digital Multicolored Hot Tub Lights

What hot tub owner wouldn't love this gift? Help create an underwater light show with multicolored digital LED lights. Energy saving LED lights are also available.

5. Hot Tub Hand Rail

This convenient safety accessory mounts to the side of the hot tub and swivels, providing easy access and accessibility. It's a good idea for elderly hot tub users or those who find it difficult to climb out of the tub. You'll find these hand rails may be used for free standing hot tubs or for the sunken or recessed variety. Look for a powder-coated aluminum hand rail with padded grips for comfort.

6. A Hot Tub Umbrella

While this unique gift is more costly than others, if you're willing to spend the extra cash, this is sure to be used and appreciated. Basically, the umbrella will be situated over the hot tub to shield users from the sun. Look for a model that rotates a full 360 degrees. Most hot tub umbrellas require no alteration to the tub cabinet, as the base or plate will rest underneath the hot tub cabinet.

7. A Hot Tub Fragrance Gift Pack

This is another thoughtful gift idea for a hot tub owner. Choose fragrances that are specially created for safe use in all hot tubs. It should not interfere with chemicals that are used in the hot tub. Aromatherapy gift packs for the hot tub are readily available from dealers and specialty shops. Most are water soluble and contain no damaging alcohol. Choose from fragrances such as lavender, jasmine, honeysuckle and eucalyptus.

8. A Waterproof Smart Phone Case for Use in the Hot Tub

For the hot tub user that can't bear to be without his or her smart phone, this is the perfect gift-giving solution. It's basically a waterproof bag that will snugly wrap a smart phone securely and protect it from moisture. If the phone should fall into the water, it's safe.

Use your imagination and you're sure to come up with more clever gift ideas for the hot tub user. For more ideas, check out a hot tub supplier online at a site like