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4 Electrical Upgrades Ideal For Backyard Tree Houses

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Tree houses are not made like they used to be. Instead of a basic clubhouse made with wood, the backyard adventure is often built with windows, doors, and a lot of modern features. Give children even more to do in a tree house by having an electrician install four different upgrades to the tree house. Each of these upgrades can dramatically change the way the house functions and is used on a daily basis. Once the upgrades are complete, the tree house can be used for numerous years of fun.

Electrical Outlets

Really expand the possibilities of a tree house by having electrical outlets installed. Instead of running extension cords across your yard and creating potential hazards, an electrician can install underground cables that help feed the electricity from your home directly into the tree house. A small trench is dug from the home to the entrance of the tree house area. A metal conduit is placed inside the trench. This is a protective pipe that the wire is fed through. It provides protection from water, animals, and other natural hazards. Once the wiring is connected from the home, an electrician can expand it up into the walls of the tree house and provide multiple electrical outlets. These outlets are great for televisions, music systems, or even small cooking devices like a microwave oven.

Lighting Fixtures

Instead of limiting the tree house to just daytime use, an electrician can install lighting fixtures that provide plenty of illumination for the night. Lighting wiring can provide lights for the ceiling of the tree house, along with switches to control it. Along with standard lighting that is connected to the electrical grid, an electrician can also help rig up solar lighting. Small solar lights can help save on energy bills and still provide plenty of lighting options for the tree house.

A light on the exterior of the tree house is a great way to increase the safety at night. Children can easily see as they climb in and out of the tree house. These lights can be set to add motion detection so they automatically turn on and off without the use of a switch.

Intercom Systems

Have a direct connection back inside the home with the use of an intercom system. An electrician can wire an intercom system directly to the electrical connection that is made to the tree house. With a communication box in the tree house and one in the home, children can talk to parents without having to leave the tree house. For parents, this is a great way to send quick messages and check in with the children. For example, you can quickly use the intercom to remind the child that dinner will be ready soon. The direct connection offers more benefits than using cell phones because the direct connection works quickly and instantly without having to worry about cell phone service or waiting for someone to answer a call.

Security Cameras

Monitor the interior and exterior of a tree house by having security cameras installed. This is a great way to increase the safety in the tree house and gives you chances to check in on your children when needed. A hard wired security camera can provide a direct connection and allows you to never worry about changing batteries or losing the connection. The security camera can be connected to your Wi-Fi network, allowing you to easily stream footage over multiple devices. Exterior security cameras on the tree house can also provide children with some fun features. They can monitor everything going on around the tree house and use it for some fun role playing games like spies or secret missions. If valuables are kept inside the tree house, it's also an ideal security feature for monitoring and protection.

Once the tree house is built, write down the different electrical upgrades that you had in mind. This will help the electrician make your vision come to life and create an amazing tree house design.