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Guidelines for Creating the Perfect Gunite Pool

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Gunite pools are considered to be more durable and prestigious than other types of pools. The concrete is very resistant to impact, and there is no liner, so a gunite pool is considered an ideal pool in situations where vandalism is a concern. The pools are designed and built on-site, which allows for any number of different types of pools to be constructed. Rebar is frequently used in the construction of gunite pools, and the rebar framework makes the pool very sturdy and allows the pool to maintain its shape over a long period. However, for a gunite swimming pool construction to be successful, a few guidelines need to be followed.

Choosing the Location for the Pool

The best location for a swimming pool is a location that is sunny and where there is no breeze. Therefore, you should avoid putting in vegetation that would block the wind and sun. Choose a location that will receive sunlight for most of the day; the sun will keep the water warm. Pick a higher location so that debris and mud are not as likely to get in the pool.

Installing Mechanical Systems

All mechanical systems need to be prepared and installed before the gunite pool is constructed. The plumbing, filtration, and lighting must all be installed. Once the gunite has been sprayed on, it will be difficult to adjust the mechanical systems.

Draining the Pool

Make sure that the water drains at the center of the pool. The system should be hydrostatically pressure-tested by professional plumbers to make sure that there are no leaks. 

Digging the Pool

Gunite pools are usually made free form. Therefore, it is necessary to dig to very precise dimensions. Understand how deep and wide the pool must be before beginning the dig. If the dimensions are not correct, you will end up with a pool that is deeper or wider than you wanted it to be.

Achieving the Desired Shape

You can achieve the desired shape of the pool more effectively using hand tools. Also, you will not need to backfill holes that were made to be too large by power tools.

Filling the Pool

The source of the water for your pool should be based on the cost of water in your area. Find out whether it is cheaper to bring in water from your water company or whether it is more affordable to have the water shipped in.

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