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Sewer Problems That A Video Sewer Inspection Will Help You Solve

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Sewer problems can be expensive to fix. One of the main reasons why this is the case is not only the costs involved in excavation needed to gain access to the damaged part, but also the fact that most sewer problems are discovered when it is too late. Using a video sewer inspection is an easy way of avoiding having to dig up your sewer lines in order to detect the source of a problem. Using it as an inspection technique also makes it easy to detect sewer system problems before they become worse. The following are some of the problems that a video sewer inspection will help you solve.

Root intrusion

If you have trees growing around your sewer system, your sewer system is at risk of developing complications. Why? Because the roots of trees will grow towards your sewer lines. With time, they will be able not only to burst the sewer lines, but also block them. This will then lead to sewer backups.

A video inspection is an easy way to detect a root intrusion problem before it gets worse. It offers an easy way to visually inspect your sewer lines, something that makes it possible to catch the roots before they do major damage. As a result, it enables you to take precaution such as uprooting the trees way before they cripple your sewer system.

Pipe fractures and cracks

When sewer system pipes fracture and crack, they create openings through which sewerage leaks. This creates an unhealthy environment around the home. These cracks also form areas of weaknesses that can also collapse. Add to this the fact that soil and dirt can also gain entry through these areas and you have a problem that is bound to cause system-wide inefficiencies.

Using a sewer video inspection will help prevent complications such as pipe collapse and blockages, something that will go a long way towards reducing the risks of system-wide sewer problems. Why? Because having the option of a video sewer inspection makes it easy to detect these fractures. The fact that one doesn't need to do any excavations allows for a cheaper inspection process that can be done regularly, making early detection possible. There is also the fact that video sewer inspections remove most of the guesswork from the detection process. This is because they allow you to see the exact state of the sewer lines. This helps to cut down on the time it takes to get to the root cause of the problem.

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