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Signs Of A Broken Or Clogged Main Sewer Line And What You Need To Do About It

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You may notice that your toilet is starting to gurgle when you flush it. You may have drains that are starting to drain slowly, a sure sign that you have some type of blockage in your main sewer line. If you just received your water bill and it's incredibly high, you have a broken sewer line pipe. Any changes in water pressure, new odors that you can't get rid of, or decreased water pressure when you turn on a shower or faucet, you probably have something wrong with the sewer lines to or from your home. While the problems may seem small in the beginning, the faster you seek a resolution, the less mess you may encounter in your near future.

Slow Drains Mean a Systemic Clog

One slow drain in your home usually means that you have a localized clog. When more than one drain goes slowly, you have a bigger problem. Over time, debris, grease and things that shouldn't be flushed down your toilet or drains builds up. Usually the debris will get caught in tree roots that grow through your sewer pipes. Eventually a partial clog will become a full clog, and waste water will come back into your home through any drain it can find.

When a Pipe Breaks

A broken pipe can make your water pressure suffer and your water bill rise dramatically. If you suddenly turn on your faucet and almost no water is coming out, it's time to call a sewer repair service to see what needs to be done. Once the problem is identified, your repair service will determine whether the problem requires a complete excavation of the old pipe and a replacement, or a perma liner can be used instead.

Perma liners are used to repair damaged pipes in a way that doesn't disturb the ground above the pipe. The liner is inserted into the pipe, and will cure in place, making it possible to repair damaged pipes without replacing them.

When you notice that you are having problems with the plumbing throughout your home, you need to call for help like Aurora Plumbing and Electric Supply, Inc. While you may still be able to flush toilets and take a shower, it's only a matter of time before your problems become worse. You will end up spending more money on an emergency repair and potential cleanup if you wait until you have a mess on your hands before calling.