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Making Room In Your Home For A Growing Family

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If you family is growing but your home is not, it may be time to consider adding on to make the much-needed space. You may want to consider converting a porch or deck to living space so you can remodel the inside and add additional bedrooms, bathrooms, or what ever space you need. You may even want to talk with an architect about the best way to add to or optimize the space available.

Making a Plan

Take a minute and consider the options available to you before jumping in and starting a project of this nature. Is there room in the home you are not using effectively? If there is, you may want to see if there is a way to improve that use before going headlong into a remodel or adding on to the home. If you want to remodel the home and change the layout, having a plan drawn up is the best way to start. That plan will help keep the project on track. Getting a blueprint drawn up of the existing space and the proposed changes is a great place to start but it may cut into the budget a little but if you are looking for a builder to help you do the work, it is the clearest way to present the project to them.

Using Unused Space

Taking a look at the space that you currently have, consider what is available to you. An old porch that is not being used is a great place to start. Converting it to a room can add the square footage that you need without the cost of an entire room addition. The structure may already be in place and with a little work, opening up the home to the porch could be the perfect solution. If you are not familiar with the construction of a home or home bearing walls and supporting beams are used, you may want to get a contractor involved before ripping into a wall.

Adding Additional Space To The home

If you are going to add an addition onto the home, you definitely want to get a contractor like Stritar Construction involved in the process. There will be building codes to consider, structural designs to worry about, and building permits to obtain. The addition may be very small or could be very large, but it will not matter to the municipality. The project will still need to meet the guidelines and rules that they mandate. If you don't have a builder in mind for the project, ask around and talk to local builders about similar projects that they have done in the area. The builder can be a great resource for your, and sometimes you can get a better price if you work with them to complete part of the work yourself.