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3 Factors That Affect Whether or Not You Should Build a Dock

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If you own a boat, you may have considered build a dock on your own property. Having your boat stored at a public or private rental dock can be somewhat inconvenient, so  it makes sense to consider docks on your property if you have the right space and location. Before you hire a contractor for your docks, here are some factors to consider so that you can feel confident about your choice. 

Is Your Community Approving of Docks?

Your waterfront community may have some shared regulations about the use of docks. Just because your neighbor has one, that doesn't always mean that you can build freely. Contact your municipality and your homeowner's association to see if you need any permits or permissions to build a dock on the shared waterfront in your community. 

Can You Handle Maintenance?

Know that there is a lot of maintenance that goes into owning a dock. A commitment to maintenance can be part of the requirements of building a dock in your area. There is cleaning that goes into keeping the dock attractive and healthy, since certain marine life can form a home on the posts of your dock and begin to erode the surface. There is also routine maintenance that comes with the platform of your dock, especially if you are using wooden slats for the dock; these may need to be tested regularly so that they don't rot and become a hazard to recreational users. 

What Kind of Contractors Are in Your Area?

Finding the right contractor for docks will be another big priority. Someone who is experienced in building docks will help you plan a solid construction and execution of your dock. They may help you calculate how high the dock needs to be to avoid damage from changing water levels or potential flooding. They can help you calculate material needs, as well, so that you don't buy too much or too little material and go over budget.

Too much material will simply be wasted, while too little material will delay your contractors from completing their jobs and cost you additional money for labor. The same contractors may be able to do routine maintenance for you, which is a great deal because they already understand how the dock was constructed and know its vulnerabilities. While there is a bit of thought and planning that goes into owning a dock, the convenience of having your boat at hand at all times can't be beat.