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Keeping Up With Spot: How To Mesh Hardwood Flooring With Your Pets

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If you have dogs and kitties, you know that their comfort is just like everyone else in the home. Your pets will need their own space to eat and drink, comfortable places to sleep, and room to walk around and explore. Sometimes pets can be destructive to our own sense of comfortable spaces. If you have hardwood floors, you know that your floors and pets do not always get along. Here are some ways to mesh your love of shiny hardwoods with your love of your dog or cat. 

Keep your pet's nails filed

Filing your pet's nails will be important when it comes to keeping your floors gleaming. As your pet's nails grow, their nails will curl and easily scratch the ground as they walk. By keeping your dog and cat's nails filed, they will not be able to cause any visible scratches or scrapes on your nice hardwoods. It is important to file the nails rather than cut them. Cutting your animals can make them jagged and the nails will still scratch the hardwoods as they walk. 

Give your pet a plate charger or placemat

Placemats are not just for people. Sliding a placemat underneath your dog's food and water bowl can help keep the place neat and tidy. If you don't like the look of a mat, you can place a large ceramic charger underneath your pet's bowl. The charger will look just like a charger under your regular dinner plate. This will keep an upscale look to your pet area and make sure that your floor remains in good order. 

Apply three coats during waxing

To make sure that your floor is protected and nice looking, you should apply several coats of wax. Waxing the floor three times will take care of any kind of scrapes and scratches that have been made by your pet. If the floor already has a lot of scratches, you should sand the scratches on the floor before you perform the wax. Though the floor may be slippery for a time, the layer of wax will make sure that pet nails and hard running will not affect the floor in a negative way over the course of time. For putting down rugs inside of areas where the dogs or cat usually run can keep issues of floor deterioration at bay. Keeping your pets and your hardwoods fine and dandy will work with just a little bit of elbow grease and strategy. 

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