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Installing Fire Alarm Monitoring Services: Three Things That Should Be On Your Checklist

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To protect your family from a house fire, install a fire alarm system that will be able to adequately and efficiently notify everyone in the event of a fire. After the system has been installed, you should double check all of the specifications to confirm that your system is indeed up and running. Here are 3 things that should be on your checklist.

The Amount of Rooms that Are Being Monitored

When subscribing to a fire alarm monitoring service, it's critical to consider where all of the detectors will be installed and how many will be needed in your home. In general, most experts recommend installing at least one detector on each floor. If it's possible, install a detector in each room, outside each sleeping area, 20 feet away from combustible particles in the kitchen, and 10 feet away from saunas, showers, and dishwashers. Check with the fire alarm monitoring service to determine whether all of the alarms will be interconnected. This means that all of the alarms will sound even if one alarm detects smoke. The fire alarm monitoring service should still be able to tell you which detector was triggered.

It's best to avoid installing the detectors near the windows, as drafts from the windows might interfere with the accuracy and efficiency of the fire alarm detectors. You'll want to test each fire alarm detector with the fire alarm monitoring service to confirm that they are indeed functional.

The Sound Level of the Alarm Sounders and Sirens Used

When purposely setting off the alarms with the fire alarm monitoring company, you should also take this opportunity to determine whether or not all of the alarm sounders and sirens are loud enough. The alarm sounders and sirens must be at least 15 dB above average ambient sound levels. These alarms must be loud because sound can be easily lost based on the distance that one is from the sirens and based on the type of construction materials that are present in the room.

Check to confirm that the alarm sounders and sirens are compatible with the fire alarm monitoring system. Some fire alarm monitoring systems will require you to use a specific type of sounder or siren.   

Confirmation of the Phone Line that Will Be Used for the Verification Process

Before you can rest easy, it's also vital that you confirm your personal information with the fire alarm monitoring service and also completely understand whether they have a verification process in place before alerting the authorities. In most cases, the alarm monitoring company will give you a call either through a landline or through your cell phone to confirm whether you are in danger and that there is actually a fire present. This helps prevent false alarms from being sent to the fire department.

You should determine what you'll need to complete the verification process. For example, consider whether the fire alarm monitoring company will ask you for a passcode to confirm your identity. It's also important that the fire alarm monitoring system will not delay notification to the fire department even when they are attempting to verify information with you. The notification should be sent within a relatively short time frame, as fires can spread quickly and easily.


For the sake of your family and everyone living under your roof, it's vital that you have a reliable fire alarm system installed. Confirm all of the details and specifics with the fire alarm monitoring company to ensure that your system is compatible with their system. In addition, it's wise to test your system every once in a while to check that it's still working properly. Alert the fire alarm monitoring company to avoid false alarms from being sent to the fire department.