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Ice Dispenser Not Working? Here's Why

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You've just come in from the heat outside, an ice-cold glass of water is the only thing on your mind. But there's one problem, you're ice dispenser isn't working. There are a number of things that could be causing an issue. Here are some tips to help you get to the bottom of it.

No Ice

If you're trying to get the dispenser to work and there isn't any ice coming out, a common reason for this is an issue within the water line. To make the ice, water travels through this line and is eventually transformed into ice cubes. The problem arises when the water inside the line freezes, preventing it from forming the cubes.

If you haven't changed the filter in the unit in some time, this could also be the reason for your troubles. As the filter gets older, the debris inside of it can create clogs that in turn limit the amount of water that is able to travel through the water line and create the ice.

Ice Isn't Coming Out

Another problem you might be dealing with is a maker that is making ice, but the ice isn't coming out when you choose the button. One of the more common reasons for issue is simple – you've turned off the dispenser button.

Most freezers have a small noddle inside them that allows you to keep the ice from passing through the dispenser and this is something that is fairly easy to do when moving things around in the freezer. Another reason this could be happening is that the agitator isn't working properly, which is responsible for pushing the water through the dispenser. You can simply replace these for a low cost to resolve the problem.  

Incorrect Sizing

If your machine is producing ice and the ice is coming out, but you're getting cubed ice when pressing the crushed ice button, there is a reason for this. In most instances, the blade like structure that is responsible for crushing and splitting the ice is either out of place or needs to be replaced.

If the door is slammed really hard, this can jar the blade out of place. In terms of the blade failing, if your refrigerator is on the older side, the blade can simply dull out over time.

In the event you're unable to figure out what's wrong with your unit, instead of trying to fix the problem on your own and make matters worse, reach out to an appliance repair professional to get to the bottom of the problem for you.

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