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Your Questions Answered About Crane Rentals

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Are you taking on a construction project that requires using a crane that can handle more tons than the one you currently own? If the crane that you need is not the model that is typically used for your construction projects, buying one might not be the best decision. You will end up storing the crane and not putting it to use much, which is a wasted investment. Renting a crane is the most ideal way to obtain one for your situation. Browse this article for answers to questions that might come to your mind about renting a crane.

Will There Be Multiple Models Available?

A crane rental company is likely to have several models available that you can choose between. However, the specific selection that is available depends on which company you go to. Call in advance if you want to ensure that the model needed for your project is available.

How Long is the Typical Lease Agreement?

There is no specific length of time in which a crane rental lease agreement is good for. You can actually rent a crane for as long as desired. Your lease period will simply depend on what is paid to the rental company. Keep in mind that a short-term lease can usually be extended if it is necessary.

Who is Responsible for Maintenance?

It is up to you to keep the crane in good shape while it is in your possession, as per the terms that are in the lease agreement. However, there are rental companies that will provide maintenance as well. Sometimes a small fee is required to be paid if you want the rental company to provide maintenance services.

Is There Insurance Available for a Crane Rental?

Insuring a crane rental is a good idea, especially if you will have it in your possession for a while. It is possible that insurance coverage will be offered through the rental company. Whether or not the coverage will automatically be included depends on the company that is renting it to you.

Will the Rental Include Help from Crane Operators?

Assistance from professional operators might be available through a crane rental company. Explain your needs and an operator can likely visit the construction site to assist with the project. You will have to pay for assistance from an operator if it isn't included with the equipment rental, and more than one operator can be hired if the help is needed.

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