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The Three Biggest Differences Between Hurricane Garage Doors And Weatherproof Garage Doors

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When you live in an area that is prone to severe storms, such as hurricanes, you are going to need to weatherproof your home. This includes the garage door. With the garage door, though, you have two options, which are a weatherproof garage door or a hurricane garage door. You may be wondering what the difference is between the two and which is ultimately best for your home. Here are the three biggest differences that can help you make your decision:

  1. High Wind Resistance in Hurricane Garage Doors: First off, hurricane garage doors have a much higher wind resistance than weatherproof garage doors. This means that the chance of your garage door surviving the hurricane is much more likely. While weatherproof garage doors can withstand a hurricane, they don't have wind resistance features built into the entire garage door, which makes it a bit weaker. It's only built into the frame, which keeps it a bit sturdier. 
  2. Hurricane Garage Doors Completely Sealed: Hurricane garage doors are also completely sealed to withstand the outdoor elements. Hurricane garage doors usually have a catch that will move water away from your home while weatherproof garage doors don't have this and usually only have drip trays and weather stripping. Hurricane garage doors just have more features to ensure that it's completely sealed and able to withstand water damage to protect the interior of your garage. 
  3. Hurricane Garage Doors Have Strength Against Debris: Finally, you can expect your hurricane garage door to have a high resistance against debris, which is important during a hurricane. Strains and counterweights within the panels of the garage door act as a shield against loose debris being tossed around by the strong winds. This prevents holes from being punctured in the garage door, which weakens it. Weatherproof garage doors don't have the strains and counterweights, so it's more likely that a dent or tear can weaken it making your home more vulnerable. 

Hurricanes are a huge threat to many people every year, so it's important that if you live in an area prone to them that you are well protected. With the additional features of hurricane garage doors, you can provide yourself with just a bit more added protection for your home and your family. This is especially important to consider if your area has been hit by severe hurricane storms in the past.

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