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Waste Disposal Tips For Small Businesses

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When it comes to waste, it would seem that disposing of your waste is as simple as tossing it in the dumpster. However, in today's world, this is simply not enough. For small business owners, there are specific practices they need to follow in order to protect their company, as well as the interest of their clients. Learn some of the factors you should keep in mind.


Before you put anything in the trash, you should consider just how confidential the document or information is. If it contains even a small bit of information that needs to remain private or that could be used negatively in the wrong hands, the item does not belong in the trash just yet. Criminals target business's dumpsters because they can find confidential information on clients. 

The criminals then use the information to steal people's identities. If an error on your part is to blame for any actions taken against one of your clients, you could lose business, and your company could be penalized in other ways. Criminals could even get a hold of sensitive financial information regarding your company, which could cause similar problems. Sensitive data should be put through a shredder, not placed in the trash. Ensure all of your employees understand this factor so that everyone is on the same page. 

Recycle or Reuse

Your team should also examine each item before they place it in the trash in terms of recycling or reuse. Protecting the environment is a responsibility that everyone must take seriously, including business owners. Glass, plastic, and other recyclable materials should not be placed inside the standard dumpster. You should have a separate collection site for these items. To make the process easier, place a recycling container directly next to the regular waste collection. 

When your facilities team dump the waste into the dumpsters, it will already be presorted for them. You should also look at whether an item is reusable. For example, is the copy machine really broke or could a low-cost repair get the machine back in working order? In terms of cost, the more items you're able to reuse, the lower you can keep your operating cost, which ultimately saves the company money. Establish a process that requires all large items to receive management approval before they're placed in the trash. 

How you dispose of your waste can affect your business in both the short and long-term, so make sure you're going about the process right. Dumpster services can help you achieve your plans.