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4 Tips To Help You Get More From Your Investment In A Pool Enclosure

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Enclosing your pool can be a great investment can improve the safety of your home, reduce pool maintenance, and extend the swimming season. Before you invest in a new pool enclosure, there are some things to consider, such as the price, features, and type of enclosure to install. The following tips will help you get more from your investment in a new pool enclosure:

1. Choose Retractable or Fixed Structures to Enclose Your Pool Area

There are many different types of pool enclosures that you can install. The simplest systems can be temporary solutions that you remove during the spring and install insect screens to protect the pool in the summer. Permanent structures can have glass roofs and feature panels that can be opened during the summer. The most convenient solution is a retractable enclosure that can be opened, in nice weather, and closed during poor weather conditions.

2. Consider the Landscaping Design Around Your Pool Area and Make Changes

The landscaping design around your pool is also important. You want to make sure that your pool area is free of debris that can cause damage, such as large tree branches. It is a good idea to keep any large plants, climbing vines, and trees a safe distance away from the enclosure, to ensure they do not cause damage to the enclosure, pool, or filtration equipment.

3. Different Options for Screens and Protection from Debris and Direct Sunlight

One of the features that you will want to consider, when installing a new pool enclosure, is screens. The screens you install for your pool will serve the purpose of blocking sunlight during the summer and keeping debris out of your pool. There are options to have these screens integrated into the enclosure. Install tinted glass or have removable screens made for your enclosure.

4. Make the Right Preparations for Your Pool Before Installing A New Enclosure

Lastly, before you can have the enclosure installed, you will want to prepare your pool and the surrounding area. First, make sure the pool is covered or drained, to prevent damage to the pool and equipment while work is being done. In addition, make sure that the area around your pool is easily accessible and that landscaping maintenance is done before you have your new pool enclosure installed. Talk with the pool enclosure service about other preparations that need to be done for the type of enclosure you are having installed.

These are some ideas that will help you get more from your investment in a pool enclosure. If you are ready to protect your pool and use it throughout the year, contact a pool enclosure service and talk to them about some of these options for your pool.