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Plumbing Industry Trends That Will Reshape Your Life

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Every home throughout the U.S. has use for a plumber at some point. Perhaps you have even had to deal with plumbing services before. Each day, the plumbing industry experiences changes. Some of those changes and trends will reshape various aspects of your life. For instance, you may use water differently, or you may develop different expectations about plumbing repairs. Knowing which important trends can change your life will help you determine when calling a plumber is in your best interest.

Increased Attention to Water Usage

One trend that continues to show growth is increased attention to water usage. It seems that people are finally paying more attention to how much water they use each day. Although industrial water usage is far higher than residential water usage, changing the way you use your water at home can offer huge environmental improvements.

On average, American families use over 300 gallons of water each day, and the majority of that seems to come from the bathroom. The toilet uses 24% of your household's water, the shower uses 20%, and the faucet uses 19%. Increased attention to water usage has led to efficiency standards, which means manufacturers do their best to produce more efficient fixtures that reduce water usage without hindering performance. If your plumbing fixtures are older, consider replacing them with more efficient ones.

Attention to Older Pipes

Many people, particularly those that own older homes or structures seem to worry that their aging plumbing layout may need attention. In fact, it is estimated that 44% of the water infrastructure throughout the U.S. is in poor condition. It is true that older pipes can expose you to lead and cause health problems and issues with the delivery of clean water.

Obviously, replacing older pipes is a great idea. However, pipe replacement can take time, especially in larger homes and buildings. Budget constraints can also hinder the speed at which pipe replacement takes place. One way to address the issue is to ask a plumber about chlorination while replacing smaller segments of pipe at a time. Chlorination provides an effective solution that can protect you from several pathogenic bacteria and help disinfect your water supply.

If you would like to learn more about plumbing trends that may change your life, contact an experienced plumber near you. A professional can help you identify if you have any current plumbing needs that must be addressed. A plumber can also help you resolve any ongoing plumbing issues that you might be having.