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Two Features To Consider When Choosing New Replacement Windows For Your Home

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If your home has become drafty and you have noticed a spike in your heating and cooling bills, you may decide that it is time to replace your old, worn-out windows with a newer model. However, when it comes time to buy them, you may find that there are a lot more options than there used to be when it comes to various features for replacement windows. Below are a couple of the features that you will need to consider when choosing which type of window is ideal for your house.

1. Material of the Frame

One of the first things you will need to consider when deciding on what windows to use to replace your old ones is the material of the frame. While wood has always been an option, you can also choose from other materials such as vinyl and aluminum.

Vinyl window frames tend to last the longest, as they are resistant to rotting and rusting. They also fit tightly within the space to help keep the outside air from creeping in and the inside air from leaking out.

While aluminum is often the cheapest option, this material does not provide the same level of insulation that a vinyl or wood material would give.

2. Number of Panes 

Along with the frame material, another feature you will need to consider when choosing windows is the number of panes. Unlike single-paned windows, ones with two or three panes provide extra insulation by trapping air between the layers.

While double-pane windows provide some insulation from hot or cold air, triple-pane models give you even more insulation and they will also help to dampen the noise from outside. Because of the extra layer of trapped air, your home will be quieter, which is something that you should consider if you live in a noisy neighborhood or near a busy highway.

However, the more panes that windows have, the more you will have to spend on them. When making your decision, determine whether or not you really need that much noise insulation before you put up the money.

With the many various features available, you may still have problems deciding on the best route to go when choosing new windows for your house. Contact a business that sells and installs replacement windows to discuss your household's needs, find out the benefits of each option, and to get guidance with making your decision.