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7 Ideas For Your Porch Construction Project

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Building a new porch is a chance to give your house a fresh look. You may wonder, though, what you ought to do with the porch besides having it stick out from your house. Consider these 7 ideas as you start talking with porch builders about your plans.

Move Beyond Wood

Lots of porches have wooden floors, and that's okay. If you're looking for a different approach to flooring, it's worth looking at stone, tile, ceramics, and porcelain as materials. Even if you're planning to put in a very big porch, there are ways the contractors can account for the weight. These include putting in additional support or lowering the floor of the porch to account for the difference.

Filtered Light

Most people throw a roof on a porch and call it at that. A pergola-style top for the porch, though, can make immense use of filtered light. This can make the porch more open and enjoyable, creating a distinctive outdoor living space.


Built-in shades will help you block sunlight. Likewise, they also can provide privacy, which is a great choice if your neighbors' homes are very close to yours. Especially in windy areas, the shades will also serve to break some of the force of the wind.

Ceiling Fans

Warm summers can take some of the joy out of having a porch. However, porch contractors can install ceiling fans to provide a bit of cooling. They also create visual interest in a part of the porch that's sometimes aesthetically limited.


A fire pit or a fireplace built into a porch can make it comfy on colder nights. It will make the porch into more of an outdoor living area, too. You'll also find that fire can be a conversation-starter when guests visit your place.

Built-In Benches

The rail area of a porch often sacrifices a certain degree of utility. Rather than just having rails, you can install benches that are built into the side of the porch. The backs of the benches will then serve as the rails. You'll add visual interest, and there is also the benefit of not needing chairs on the porch.

Rough Looks

Using a rough-cut wood or stone can make a porch pop. For example, a rough wood treated with a bright finish can become the focal point. This is especially interesting when used for the supports for the roof. Rough stone is a great choice for building up walls, too. Also, don't be afraid to use both wood and stone.

For more information regarding porch building options, contact a porch contractor.